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Satori was poppin off this past Saturday night.  Poppin to the point that we had to cool off a bit, so during our set we decided to go for a quick bite. Damn it’s so wrong but soooooo good!!!



NFA – August 1 ’08

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Fathom & Serious as special guests @ N.F.A.

Never Forgive Action is a forever-fresh quote from Style Wars, the seminal Hip-Hop graffiti documentary from the early 80s.  For Toronto heads though N.F.A., has been a blistering party going 4 years strong. Monthly resident djs, Dalia and Numeric keep the dancefloor packed with special guests dropping in to spice things up.  Shit was crazy.

Let Ur Backbone Slide…

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A pic 4 U
This is a throw-down, a show-down
hell no, I can’t slow down
It’s gonna go

Jus Reach’d 30 – July 25 ’08

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It was Riccachet’s big 3-0 this past friday and the place was hype!  The dj line up was bonkers, a straight T.O. hip hop dream come true, which included, myself (Dj Serious), Linx, Mensa, Grouch, Son of S.O.U.L., Seven:30, and Merciless on 6 decks.  If i was having a bar mitzvah anytime soon this would be the dj line up.  Dj Prime Choice a.k.a Phat Kat 7 was in the building but was delegated to mic duties along side magic Wan epstien :-).  Big shout out to all the ladies holding down the dancefloor, Roundtable directing traffic, and of course our lovely bar maidens, Casey and Marvelous Marx for keeping the drinks flowing.


Jus Reach every friday @ Down One Lounge

49 Front St. E., Toronto, ON

Feat. Sweet Touch Foundation (Riccachet & Thera-P & Prime Choice)

w/ special guests all the time.


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Pemberton is BANANA’s right now!!! This is the stage I’ma be playing @ 2moro afternoon.


Wish you could smell this!!

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Everyone remind me never to fly sunwing again!!


Look @ this set up

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Here’s a look @ what I use for MTV shows!!



Hello world!!

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This is How we Do it

This is How we Do it

Yeah yeah, we know, we know,  everybody and their moms has a blog…. but you know what?  We don’t give a dam*! 

Dope & Serious